Among Us

Among Us is one of the most popular games of 2020. Released in 2018 by Inner Sloth it’s a muder mystery where four to ten people are in an area whether that is on the Skeld spaceship, the HQ on Mera, or the research outpost on Polos. One-three people are imposters that are the murder’s and you and your crew have to complete task and find out who is a crewmate and who the Imposters are.

“I believe the distributor is the hardest task” Chayse Cross 10 grade said.
With all of the tasks in Among us some being easy like pressing buttons or standing in one spot for a while or some that require a bit of brain power like the reactor, assembling the artifact, but according to Micheal Jett 10th grade” The card swipe is the hardest task in the game.” most would likely agree with Micheal especially if you play on mobile

Given the opposing sides in Among Us it’s easy to have a favorite side whether it’s being the murderous Imposter or the helpful Crewmate. Micheal Jett, 10th grade stated “I enjoy being the imposter more,” while as the imposter you have to think a lot harder than the crew mates because you must outsmart them to get away with your crimes. However Chayse Cross says “Both, both are equally fun.” Both sides have their advantages and disadvantages but are both equally fun to certain people. Among us is on only two devices: A computer using Steam for $5 or on mobile devices for free. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, some tasks might be harder on the computer like the card swipe but some might be easy like the Maze task.

When asked about what devices they play one Alex Davis 10th grade says “I play on mobile. I find it to be more enjoyable and easier to play when I am away from home.” Alex Davis plays a lot with his brothers. Chayse Cross 10th grade says “I play only mobile.” Among us cost money on steam but not any money on mobile devices.

Among us it is an addictive game. With a simple concept it is easy to pick up and within a few games you’ll understand what’s going on and what to do for all the tasks on each map.
When asked about their favorite map everyone said “Skeld.” the space ship map.(all were one word answers, Skeld.) It’s the most common for people to play. Finding a server on skeld is easier than finding a server on any other map.

Among was released two years ago but with big streamers playing it, it got a massive revival making one of the games of the year next to Fall Guys and The Last Of Us Part Two. but it doesn’t seem to be going away quite often and with all the customizable opinions you have for making a game it’s easy to make your own game modes.