You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown: Dressed to Impress


Lexi Leslie

The cast poses at the end of Beethoven Day

On November 11, Findlay High School Creative and Performing Arts opened their show of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. The show follows the life of Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts family while Brown has to figure out what being a good man really means.

Directed by Andy Cantrell and Tim Montgomery, the cast had clearly put immense effort into putting together the best show possible.

Charlie Brown, played by Cameron Smith, opens his journey by being belittled by the rest of the characters. Specifically, Lucy and Sally are derogatory towards him by commenting about how he has a “failure face” and how he is “inferior” and has a “lack of confidence”.

Continuing through the show, the Peanuts family of Lucy, played by Jenna Clements, Sally, played by Ava Lackey, Linus, played by Owen Hackworth, Schroeder, played by Josh Baker, and Snoopy, played by Eva Mallamaci, share their story.

The one-sided love story of Lucy and Schroeder is portrayed in multiple scenes while being introduced during the musical number of Shroeder. The infamous sibling rivalry is present throughout the musical between Lucy and Linus as well as Charlie Brown and Sally.

Overall, Findlay High School’s rendition of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, dressed to impress. The comedy, not only within the written lines of the script but the delivery by the characters, was outstanding. In a specific scene between Schroeder and Sally, Sally attempts to explain her hatred towards jump ropes. Sally tells Shroeder that she is mad at everyone and everything. Schroeder begins to rapidly list off things as well as go off script and list things like exit signs and flags that are in the auditorium.

The casting of the show was perfect as each of the actors truly took on their character and played it to the audience.

The musical numbers within the show proved to be difficult songs; however, each cast member rocked them and had shown that a lot of effort and time was put into them.