It is American Music Awards time again, which means it is time to vote for the best artist in one or more of the many categories they have. The nominations came out on October 13.

The AMA’s are an award show that began in 1973 because ABC’s contract ran out with the Grammys. The show used to take place in the spring just like the other award shows, but was moved to the fall in order to bring more attention to the show.

Starting off strong with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears matching denim outfits in 2001,the early 2000’s was an iconic time for fashion no doubt and it became even more iconic when the pop princess rocked an all denim outfit with the former NSYNC member Justin Timberlake. The pair’s outfit was so iconic, Katy Perry and RIff Raff copied the outfit at MTV’s 2014 show.

“I love Britney’s dress, the colors coordinate together and overall matches besides the part where it goes from light to dark. It’s okay, but overall I like her dress. Justin’s is okay, I don’t like the denim hat and the pants are okay, I guess. But overall, he’s just there,” freshman Hayden Brown thought.

Continuing with Taylor Swift’s 2014 “Blank Space” performance. Swift’s performances are not for the faint of heart. When performing it is evident she is proud of what she has made and it shows in her delivery of her songs, and this performance is no different. Only a few weeks before the show, she released “Blank Space”, a single from her 2014 album “1989”. She mimics behaviors and mannerisms portrayed in the video and had a full backdrop with dancers.

“It’s a really good performance. I really like how the performance and set itself helps portray the idea and theme of the song,” freshman Gillian Faisant said.

What is a pop culture list without Lady Gaga? Gaga is known for her provocative lyrics, her strangely unique and slightly controversial costumes, and her powerful voice. With that being said, in 2013 she showed up on a white horse that was operated by 2 people underneath. Gaga’s entrance was a tribute to Bianca Jagger’s entrance to Studio 54 in New York where she allegedly rode a white horse through the door.

“I think that’s too much. She doesn’t need that,” freshman Mithra Magesh believed

When you are in a room full of talented people there is nothing wrong with wanting to stand out, but these two took it a little too far. In 2015 Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth performed a cover of “Marvin Gaye” which ended in a full blown make out session. It is quite clear that this was staged and was done to get a reaction, but that does not change the fact that it was cringe-worthy.