HS Sports in Peril

HS Sports in Peril

High school sports around the world could be in danger, sporting events or even leagues are closing down around the country. This could hurt high school athletes who were looking to go to college. Which could hurt college athletics as well. If Covid-19 were to spike again, sports would be in even more danger.

Covid-19 is a huge problem, but it is also a problem in the sporting world too. Athletics are trying as hard as they can to try to keep playing. Some sports are playing but don’t know how long they will last before being shut down.

High school sports could be shut down for months, or maybe the rest of the season. With athletics gone this could affect the way colleges will scout, they may have to look at old clips if they want to scout, or may be in danger with athletics because they are not able to scout. When the world of sports are one of the most popular things to do in the world and the United States, nobody really knows what will happen in the future.

WBFO said that the state of New York will be playing sports but limited, they will not even have a State Championship. As of Ohio, they are playing sports for now, but some youth sports are closing down, which leaves the question about high school sports.

Grant Warner, Freshman at FHS said, ¨Sports is something that Covid-19 has affected in a very negative way.¨ When asked if he thinks sports should be stopped, he responded, ¨No, I think sports should keep playing unless they have a player or staff that has tested positive for Covid-19.¨ He added that if sports were to shut down, some people may never play again because they might find not playing isn’t bad and they like having more free time. High school sports are in danger for the rest of 2020 and start of 2021.