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FHS Student section of the week

The Findlay High school student section was claimed to be the top high school student section by BCSN, For showing the most spirit during football games. On October 21st they claimed the “Student section of the season” belt in Findlay, Ohio.

As Findlay High School continues to show, the most spirited students, no matter if they win or lose, have finally won a belt. The entire student section is very excited that they have been picked and the fact that this is the first time that Findlay high school has ever won a belt.

“I feel very excited about winning the belt for the first time in history, but we are all excited because it was not just me who won it, it was the student section as a whole,” senior Joseph Mihalik said.

The Findlay High school student section has a very large student population. The Blue Crew continuously tries to put effort into having kids create more spirit, whether that be with pom poms, heart glasses, or even towels.

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“Our school spirit needs to continue to expand, allowing everyone in the school to be a part of this “Trojan Spirit”,” senior Joseph Mihalik Said.

The themes are usually what make the high school student sections go crazy. Findlay High school has put a lot of thought into their themes and continues to take pride and show as much school spirit as they can.

“My favorite theme this football season was the USA. I love this theme because I feel like everyone had something to wear and we had lots of people there. The energy is always high during this theme,” senior Katelyn Stechschulte said.

The seniors have tried their hardest to include everybody. They don’t care if you’re a senior… if you’re loud they prefer you to be towards the front.

“I believe that all grade levels should increase school spirit and you should not be isolated if you’re in a younger grade. Freshmen and Sophomores need to build up school spirit for all future years here at Findlay High School,” senior Joseph Mihalik Said.

Losing the regionals was a tough loss with the Findlay high schools record being six and three. But with the great season and tough attributes the student section had never failed to have fun.

“I feel like this season was a very exciting and successful season. However, I think the ending of the season was very heartbreaking. As a senior my favorite memory was when we won the student section of the week, I also love being able to drive up to the away games with all my friends and go out to eat afterwards,” senior Katelyn Stechschulte said.

Findlay highschool has had a lot of spirit throughout the football season. They have won and they have lost, they have sat through hot and cold games, but most importantly…they have stuck through it and continued to show their love for Findlay highschool.

“I loved Toga night. Toga night really got cold and rainy but it made me realize why I loved Trojan Football so much!” senior Joseph Mihalik said.

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