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Sports GPA

While playing a sport it can be hard to maintain or keep up with grades. The most important thing is keeping your GPA above a 1.5.

“I find it pretty easy to maintain a 3.5 GPA and in the 3 years I have played sports at Findlay High School. The most difficult part is finding the motivation to do my homework late at night”, Junior Addi Shinn said.

Speaking of GPA, most students,teachers,and parents find it very odd that the gpa average is very low.

“I personally think that the GPA should be higher because during the season you have people not trying at all and should most definitely be able to get a better GPA”, freshman Octavia Ortega said.

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For most sports at FHS ,practices are two to three hours 6 days a week. And with people in the gym or on the fields practices have to be later.

“If I were to pick a practice time I would choose 3:20-5:20 so we are still having 2 hours of practice,as needed,but we still have time to get around after school and not rush,” freshman Emmie Freeman said.

Student athletes must balance their academic work with their athletic devotion, which can be a crucial challenge. They often have to spend many hours in practice, games, and competitions, having left them with limited time to finish their schoolwork.

Athletes are more focused on advancing their athletic careers than their academic careers. As a result, these student-athletes have lower GPAs, higher dropout rates, and lower graduation rates.

“One thing I do to keep myself on top of my grades is continuing to make a checklist of everything I need to do and getting it done that night, no exceptions ”, freshman Lynneah Barnes said.

One thing that is difficult for athletes is they can’t pick their practice times. Not knowing when you will practice is hard because you have so much homework and tests.

“For me I would choose right after school because then I wouldn’t have to go home and spend the time driving home and back,then after practice I have all night” ,freshman Monika Kerwin said.

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