COVID Vaccines

Vaccines are finally here and we all couldn’t be happier about it. Finally this virus will slowly be eradicated. We can finally start going out and back to our normal lives. According to Campa Bay Times the first batch of COVID vaccines are available before the end of 2020 but there is no confirmed date for dose to be handed out.

We all remember when this was a two week quarantine and then everyone loses their minds buying things then more cases spiked and we all lost our minds in our own house. We were all just clawing at the door waiting for self isolation to end. But now we can get vaccinated but who should get the vaccines

“The front line workers; like doctors, nurses, and paramedics” says Sophomore Alex Davis

Well who should get it and who should not get it but it’s still very important but everyone will have to get it eventually but some people should get it. But how long before the next batch is made. Is there even going to be a second batch made.

“I don’t think America will get a batch of it till near the end of January” says Sophomore Alex Davis

But what are we going to do after people get it? Will they just be able to go out without a mask? Can they not catch COVID. What happens to people after they get the vaccine are they just immune to the virus.

“I don’t know enough about vaccines to give a good answer to that question” says Alex Davis sophomore.

Well with the vaccines coming soon then we can all celebrate the possible end of COVID-19 in America. But also we can then send Vaccines to allies of America like England and Russia.