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6 Dead, 3 Injured in Series of Murders in Texas

This past week in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, there has been a string of murders that has left 6 dead and at least 3 injured. The man responsible, Shane James Junior, has been arrested and charged with capital murder, which in Texas, is the only crime that can make him qualify for the death penalty.

Four civilians were killed along with two police officers in Austin the suspect then is assumed to have killed his parents that lived in the San Antonio area the night before the other killings took place. The first call was reported to have come in at 10:43 am from the Austin Independent School District stating that an officer from their police force was shot. The officer was shot in the leg and is expected to be released from the hospital soon.

“This is just another reason that I don’t believe good people exist anymore,” freshman Rain Bender stated. “I don’t understand why people can do horrible things like this.”

A short time after that police received several calls about a double homicide also in Austin. The first victim was pronounced dead on site and the other was rushed to the hospital and later was pronounced dead. About five hours later a male cyclist was shot but suffered non-fatal injuries.

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At around seven pm the suspect opened fire on a police officer responding to a burglary call. The officer was found in the backyard of the residence. The officer suffered multiple gunshot wounds and then was taken to the hospital in stable condition with non-fatal injuries. The suspect fled the scene and was arrested after crashing his vehicle.

The suspect is an ex Army Infantry officer with a history of mental illnesses and so far there has been no reason for why he committed the crime.

“I think it’s crazy that people can just kill people. I don’t understand why people would do it. I know this guy has mental illnesses but still it’s crazy that people can wake up one morning and grab a gun and shoot people,” sophomore Madelynne Steele stated.

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