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New high school schedule

Antonella Remolina

WC: 395

The FHS class schedule is drastically changing next year. The proposal’s major change includes the start time of the school day moving from 7:30 am to 8 am instead.

“I would really like to start classes at 8 o’clock because as a student-athlete, it would help to be more focused in my classes and not be so tired as I usually am,” junior Claire Kemmere said.

Another change in the school year schedule would be that there are a couple of days in which students would be released 2 hours early. Which is something that a couple of students are excited about because they leave school earlier.

“I am honestly really excited about the 2 hour release early because I would be done with school 2 hours earlier than expected which could give me more time to get prepared for my extracurricular activities like sports,” freshman Jackson Flechtner said.

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These changes in the school schedule are awesome, but there are other changes that students would like to get such as having more elective classes in the schedule because they enjoy it the most or maybe because they are doing something that they really like in the class.

“I feel that our schedule would be ten times better if we had more encore classes because those are the classes that I enjoy the most in my everyday school schedule,” junior Sebastian Muriel said.

Students would also like to have more language classes added to FHS because the vast majority of students in FHS choose Spanish as their second language class because it is the easier one to learn than Japanese or Latin.

“I feel that if our school had more language classes, I would actually learn a language because I want to, not because I have to. An example of it is Spanish, I just took the class because I was required to, not because I actually wanted to, for example, I would really like to have a French class and that is a class that I would genuinely enjoy, “ sophomore Annabelle Cislo said.

Students are really excited about the changes in our school schedule next year, but there are a couple of things that they would like to change such as more elective classes or more options for second languages classes.

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