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Trump AI Photos

Michael Vadon
Donald Trump Sr. at #FITN in Nashua, NH

AI generated images have been around for years, but now AI is affecting how people view candidates for the election.

For the past few weeks, supporters of former president Donald Trump have had AI generate images of the former president with groups of African Americans to sway their vote from the current president Joe Biden.

The images have prompted concern for both the left and right, that the images could mislead the support Trump has for African Americans. People in Trump’s orbit have explained their frustration for the pictures believing that the manufactured images “undermine the outreach of the Republicans to black voters” as stated by AP News.

“I think it’s honestly just insane to try to sway an election in the first place. Trying to get people to vote for the candidate you want to win by making ads is different, but using AI trying to convince people is a whole different story,” sophomore Madison Schumaker commented.

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Experts predict that an additional level of effort of AI generated deepfakes will be used to target certain demographics in swing states, such as Latinos, women, Asian Americans and older conservatives to attract, mislead, or frighten the voters.

“This is crazy, I can’t believe people really used AI to make fake pictures of Trump with black people because they think then people will vote for him, and this is honestly one reason I hate being on the internet,” freshman Rain Bender said.

Even if the success of AI generated images doesn’t work in fooling a large number of voters, AI generated content about voting, candidates, and elections make it harder for anyone to determine between fact and fiction.

“This is just making me not want to vote, having people already trying to manipulate people into voting a certain way drives me crazy, and honestly it makes me not want to vote when I get older,” sophomore Madelynne Steele stated.

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