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Open Lunch

Open lunch has always been a hot topic for years, ranging from what grades can have open lunch, to if students should be allowed to drive off campus for their lunch.

Past experiences with freshmen have excluded them from leaving the building since the early 2000s. A lot of freshmen would leave and walk around to go smoke or would not come back and just completely leave.

Grades 10-12 have the opportunity to leave for lunch, though. A lot of freshmen feel this is unfair and do not like it. Findlay High School has had continuous problems with freshmen, which unfortunately is why it is not an option for them.

The restriction faced by grades 10-12, though, is that they are not permitted to drive off of campus per the school’s parking agreement and code of conduct. . Students still continue to choose to abuse this and still drive to lunch every single day.

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With freshmen being too young to drive themselves, the school does not really have to worry about them driving away. With the upperclassmen and kids who are able to drive though, it is another story.

“I feel like we should be able to drive, kids who can’t drive go to places closer to the school making it harder to get your food on time, also a lot of people don’t have vehicles so that makes it a little easier for traffic, kids who have cars can actually eat because they tend to have way more time,” sophomore Andew Risser said.

Tons of people complain about not having enough time to eat and are late with restaurants being too busy and short staffed. Teachers argue back and say if they know they are going to be late, do not go there, or find somewhere else to eat, or eat in the school’s cafeteria but the problem is, most students do not care they’re going to be late. Most students have already paid for their food and are now just waiting because they do not want to waste their money.

Others say that this is a way for students to actually work on their time management and can help them learn a lot more responsibility. It can also be used as a way for students to take a break from things and clear their minds of stress they may be experiencing within the school building.

“I think we should have open lunch, it gives us a little time to gather ourselves together again and hopefully eat and actually feel decent again,” sophomore Andrew Risser.

Whether some are for or against it, it will still always be a topic of discussion for everyone at Findlay High School.

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