Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr. Fight

On November 28, 2020 Mike Tyson fought Roy Jones Jr, in an exhibition boxing match. The match was pay per view only, and it ended in a draw by judges decision.

Despite both fighters being in their 50’s, they both looked good out in the ring. They were still dodging and weaving quicker than the opponent could punch, and swinging as hard as possible.

“With both fighters as old as they were, I didn’t expect them to make the sport look as easy as they did. I was very impressed with them” said Freshman, Mark Scherger.

This fight was not a professional fight, but it was just an exhibition match with the intent to give the money raised to charity.

“This is bigger than fighting and winning the championship,” said Tyson. “We’re humanitarians and we’re helping people.”

During the early rounds, Tyson really stood out as dominant by landing more clean punches and controlling Jones in the clinch.

Jones seemed exhausted very early into the match despite Tyson being inactive in the ring for much longer than Jones, and we saw many clinches for the fighters to catch their breath.

What Jones lacked in the early rounds, he made up for in the later rounds. The scorecards left everybody dissatisfied, because one went for Tyson, one for Jones, and one was a draw.

After the match, Tyson said that he was ok with a draw, while Jones said that he wasn’t ok with it.

Tyson said that he was interested in doing more exhibitions, and even hopeful to rematch jones, but jones shut that down by saying that we wasnt coming back into the ring

Tyson also said that he will only do exhibitions, and not professional matches.

Jake Paul fought ex NBA star, Nate Robinson in the co-main event. Paul dominated the whole match and dropped Robinson twice before finally knocking him out for good.

All in all the event was a good time for all watching, The adults enjoyed watching their generations boxing superstars, while the younger people could watch a well known youtuber dominate a basketball player in the ring . Everybody could enjoy listening to Snoop Dog’s commentary however. Snoop was cracking jokes and dropping one liners left and right.