Social Distancing at FHS

Findlay High School has lots of social distancing rules such as staying on one side of the hallway, four seats at every lunch table, and desks spaced out (as much as possible) in every classroom. But are students really utilizing and following these rules to stay safe?

Social distancing rules in the hallway are not followed as they should be. Students stay in the middle of the hallway and also walk on the wrong side of the hallway. This problem causes students to be shoulder to shoulder, instead of trying to stay as far away from others as possible.

Students at lunch grades sophomore through senior usually utilize off campus lunch, but students who stay in the cafeteria for lunch, such as freshman, do a good job at keeping four students at a table to stay six feet away as possible. But others slide past this by using the back tables or standing next to their friends who are sitting. This is especially dangerous because students can take off their masks during lunch, which means they aren’t following any rules set in place and putting people at risk. I feel as if students who have a group of more than four, should exit the building if they can, so that social distancing can be practiced with more space to do so.

Teachers try to follow social distancing rules as much as possible yet some classes have too many students to properly social distance. Students must be aware of this and do what they can, using their masks and washing their hands frequently.

Staff and administration are encouraging students to make use of the hand sanitation stations throughout the school, as well as washing their hands as frequently as possible.

Because of these rules not being followed, students need to keep their masks on at all times throughout the school day, except for lunch, while using the bathroom, and while drinking water. Students must also make sure they are wearing their masks properly. Not pulling your mask up over your nose is unsafe and pointless to even having it on in the first place.

As a school, we need to work together to make this the safest possible environment for everyone. By wearing our masks, social distancing, and sanitizing, we can reduce the spread as a school.