Arizona Coyotes sever ties with top draft pick Mitchell Miller

Mitchell Miller was released from the Arizona Coyotes for bullying allegations. The Coyotes selected Mitchell Miller with their first pick in the fourth round of the NHL draft. He grew up in Sylvania, Ohio. Mitchell was shortly released after being drafted because of a bullying incident from middle school.

Mitchell allegedly gave a push-pop to a classmate after wiping it on the urinals in the bathroom. The classmate had to go get tested for STD´s, but came back negative. He is also accused of calling this student multiple racial slurs.

The classmate says that Mitchell acted like he was his friend, but was a bad influence on him. Mitchell was 14 when this happened. He went to juvenile court over this issue and admitted that he wiped the push pop on the urinal.

¨We all make dumb mistakes in middle school. I don’t understand why this is ruining his life,¨ says @nhlprospectcenter on Instagram. Some hockey fans are not understanding of the incident and just want him to play.

The general manager of the Coyotes said that the scouts were made aware of this bullying incident long ago. This raises a question to why the Coyotes would draft him, knowing his history and the problems that would come with drafting him.

A month before this incident, the general manager made a statement on behalf of the team denouncing racism in the sport of hockey. People are doubting the sincerity of this statement, questioning why they would draft him.

Hockey fans feel unsure about the situation. ¨I want to see him play, but he will get what he deserves. I’m not sure if the claims are true or not,¨ says @puckreportnhl on Instagram. This opinion of a diehard hockey fan shows that he is accepting of the consequences Mitchell Miller faces. The NHL is unsure if any other teams are trying to pursue picking up Mitchell Miller.