Trump vs. Biden: Is it over yet?

After the longest election in U.S. history, Joe Biden has won the position of President of the United States. Biden won by a vote of 290-214 in the electoral college.

At the start of election day, Joe Biden was ahead in many states, including historically red ones due to mail in voting, but as the day moved on, many states turned red because most of the Republicans voted on the day of the election, in person.

Trump saw a massive voter turnout as the day went on,and he was leading in many crucial states. But then the states stopped counting ballots and went home. After they went home, it went downhill for Trump. Overnight, many of the states Trump was leading in flipped for Biden.

Trump suspects voter fraud because when they stopped counting votes in key battleground states that Trump was leading in like Michigan and Wisconsin, Hundreds of thousands of votes came in for Biden, while next to none were for Trump.

Freshman, Mark Scherger said,” I think it was unfair, due to all the suspicious incidents with votes that were only beneficial to Joe Biden.” For Example, “When for the first time in United States History states stop counting votes overnight, and then at 5:00 am the next morning hundreds of thousands of votes flood for Biden, and close to none were for Trump, you have to be suspicious.”

Biden has not yet made a statement on Trump’s voter fraud claims, but during his victory speech, he gave light to the American people by saying, it was “time to heal” the US and vowed “not to divide but to unify” the country. He also said that it’s important to “stop treating our opponents as enemies.”

Joe Biden’s Inauguration is set to be on January 20, 2021 on the steps of the Capitol Building.

As of now, Joe Biden is the President-Elect, but President Trump is filing lawsuits, claiming widespread voter fraud.