FHS winter sports and COVID

FHS winter sports and COVID

With some players having to social distance when not on the playing area, it will make this year hard for coaches as well. The players having to wear masks when not on the playing area will make it harder for them to hear their coaches and harder for the coaches to hear their players.

When teams and leagues have to social distance some people will argue that contact sports should not be played, like hockey or basketball.

Findlay City Schools have been taking precautions to their school, but they have not made many changes to winter sports.

Hockey will not have to wear masks while on the bench. They will not social distance on the bench because that is not possible while playing hockey.

Basketball players will be on a different route though! Basketball at FHS has a chance to social distance and wear masks on the bench. We don’t know if they will, but it is possible unlike hockey.

Some players have been very nervous according to FHS student athletes.Some parents are even more worried about Covid-19 and the effects on sports. Some people are worried about how it will affect athletes on scholarships because scouts might not be able to come to as many games, that is not known for sure yet.

“Hockey and other winter sports will be tremendously different this year, it (Covid-19) will affect teams and even playoffs this year” sophomore Mason Greenawalt said. Greenawalt seemed very nervous about this year’s season.

“Winter sports will be thrilling as usual but very different, I do not like the idea of having to wear masks on the bench, but it is for a good reason” hockey player Kaleb Haubert said. “All winter sports should be played, but with changes” he added.