Trick or Treat and COVID

This year, COVID-19 has changed the way we operate things and live our lives. The virus is still active for this Halloween season.

Trick or Treating has been a tradition with many families for multiple years. During the Halloween season, people dress in costumes and go through neighborhoods, receiving candy from each house.

But with the virus striking, there have been new sets of rules added to the tradition this year.

In Findlay Ohio this year, there has been changes to the traditional rules for this Trick or Treating season. It maintains normal COVID-19 guidelines such as staying home if you are ill, required masks, and continue social distancing.

“My son is excited to incorporate his mask to his costume this year, so it works,” says Jess Sharp, mother of two.

During the event, people are asking to stay in their own community while Trick or Treating to avoid having large crowds. If you’re in a large group, it is asked to remain outdoors and avoid sharing food and drinks.

Trick or Treat very well could be cancelled if Hancock County reaches a number 3 or 4 level through the Ohio Public Health Advisory System.

“I am surprised we are having Trick or Treat this year with everything going on,” says Jess Light, mother of one.

For the people handing out candy this year, they are asked to personally put candy in the participant’s bag to avoid children having their hands all over candy in a bowl. They are also asked to avoid staying inside their homes during the event to prevent children touching doorbells and knocking.

“I was already planning on setting up something outside for Trick or Treating so it does not really bother me,” says Billy Welker, planning on passing out candy this year.

Although Trick or Treat may not have the same guidelines, the event is still taking place on Halloween night, October 31. Hancock County is lucky to continue the tradition this year. With some precaution, Trick or Treating will still continue on.

“My kids are so excited about Trick or Treating!,” says Jess Sharp.

Although Trick or Treaters are behind masks this Halloween season, it should be fun for children and parents alike.