FHS Schedule Changes during COVID


Going back to school 4 days a week is not a good idea.

On November 2, Findlay City Schools students in grades 9 to 12 are set to go back to school four days a week, as long as the county color does not change to red.

This could be positive –considering many students are struggling with hybrid learning and having difficulty staying focused– or it could be negative –considering that COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Ohio.

Recently, there has been a spike in COVID-19 cases in Ohio. Even with this, many schools have decided to continue with their plan for going back four days a week.

Hancock County, which is still orange in terms of the advisory system set for the state, decided that they would send students back only if we stayed orange as of October 22 and through October 29, 2020.

Officials have also set in place that if the county changes to red, schools would continue with hybrid learning despite the risk.

In Hancock County, there are currently 1,173 confirmed cases, as of October 30, with 207 new cases just over the past two weeks.

At Findlay City Schools alone, there have been 13 total cases, 3 staff and 10 student cases as of October 29, since returning to school in early September.

“Honestly, I think [going back to school] is dumb,” junior Sam Perez says. “That’s too many kids. We already were worried that [the county] was going to go from code yellow to red so I have no idea why we would increase the chances of kids getting COVID.”

Within the last week, the number of new cases has dropped, but students seem to be concerned about the case numbers rising again with students returning to school.

“We’re getting way too many cases, just on hybrid, as it is,” sophomore Abby Langstaff says. “Going back to 4 days will just make the situation worse.”

Some students are enjoying hybrid learning and don’t want to return to school yet for the safety of themselves and others.

“I like going only 2 days a week,” freshman Nicole Susko says. “I’m not sure it’s safe enough to [go back] since we’re a super big school and there’s [a lot] of students.”

Others, although they may not enjoy the hybrid learning, are concerned about their peers.

“I think it’s ridiculous because the cases are still rising in Ohio and with the amount of students that attend schools, proper social distancing won’t be able to happen realistically,” freshman Alexia Reed says.

The safety of going back is a large worry for many, considering the population of our high school is on the larger side. It’s going to be difficult to social distance in the hallways and in classrooms.

“[I’m mainly concerned about] the amount of people that will be back in the building once we go back. [It will be] difficult to try [to] social distance in [smaller rooms],” sophomore Isaiah Ortiz says.

Some are just wanting a sense of what it used to be like before the virus; seeing their friends everyday and being able to socialize with them, regardless of the part of the alphabet their last name falls in.

“I think [going back to 4 days a week] will give kids more social interaction,” sophomore Reece Clements says.

Some students, who are at high risk for the virus due to health conditions, are worried about their own health and safety.

¨I am [nervous about going back]. As a high risk student, I’m very nervous for my own health as well as others’,” sophomore Abby Langstaff says.

Others are concerned about possibly transmitting it to family members who are high risk.

“I see my grandparents a lot and they’re pretty old obviously. I think that if I get it, the main concern for me will be other people,” sophomore Reece Clements says.

Personally, while I agree with a lot of the concerns of these students, I really could use the in class time. I find it hard to learn things with only being in class for two days a week. I struggle to focus on tasks and complete things without running dangerously close to deadlines. I really just want life to go back to normal.

I have a high risk family member and it is hard for me to think about potentially exposing them to the virus. As much as I wish that I could see my friends every day, I know that it will be very hard to maintain social distancing and masks may not be enforced very well.
I really do not think that it is a good idea for us to go back to school until the case numbers begin dropping more. I don’t want to spread the virus to my family or to my friends that are high risk/have high risk family members.

The reality of this virus is that it’s unpredictable and until we have a good control on it, we really need to be cautious and I don’t think sending everyone back to school is going to have a good impact on what’s currently happening in our county or state.

Remember to wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands, and stay safe!