Nursing Home COVID Numbers


The Heritage in Findlay has seen an increase in COVID numbers recently.

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic elderly people have consistently been one of the most “at-risk” groups. Around half of the people living in nursing homes are over the age of 85, and according to the Ohio Department of Health, there have been 2,800 COVID-19 deaths in long-term care facilities around the state. Those working in long term care facilities have been taking several precautions in order to keep residents safe.

“The residents have to stay in their rooms, unless it’s their scheduled walk time or family visit time and in the halls they wear their mask also. Visitors are six feet apart and all are masked during that time as well.” Sabrina Love, who works at Sunrise Nursing Home says.

Those in nursing homes are constantly in close contact with one another meaning that once one of the residents gets it, they all could. Many elderly people also have underlying health conditions, Coronavirus has been known to be most deadly to those with underlying health conditions.

“Their age makes them more receptive to such a virus and we would have to adjust our routine to better protect them, but to me if everyone entering is taking proper precautions and doing as we should then they shouldn’t be any more at risk then they are for a common cold or pneumonia.” Love says.

When a staff member falls sick they are unable to go to work, leaving patients with less care than before. Care at these facilities already looks different than it did before the pandemic and resident’s lives have been changed.

“It’s so different, and it’s really sad. Personally seeing the changes this has caused some of my residents I just wish they could have could have continued to live their normal lives.”

Around the world many people have been paranoid about the spread of COVID-19. Some at-risk and some not. For those most at-risk, like nursing home residents, Coronavirus can be very serious so it is natural to wonder what they may think of this situation.

“It’s very upsetting to them because their lives had to change and they don’t get to see their loved ones in the same way as before.” Love says about the residents.

Life has looked different for many through the pandemic. Those working in nursing homes, and those working to slow COVID-19 in Ohio, and around the world have taken measures to keep those at-risk from getting the virus.