Football Playoff Schedule

Football Playoff Schedule

The Findlay Trojans football team played the Springboro Panthers in the first round of the OHSAA Division 1 Playoffs on Friday. The outcome of the game was 28-19 with Springboro taking the win. This game was held in section two of the playoff bracket.

Springboro scored first in the first quarter setting the tone.

“Our football team has been on a two game losing streak, after what was a really great start to our season. We’d been struggling to regain our identity on offense and I think that opening drive and striking first was really, really important for our confidence and belief in who we are as an offense. Also, coming off of a game where we were shut out (defense scored our only TD), the offense scoring in that first quarter gave our defense confidence in our offense that we as a team could and would compete in the game the way that we wanted to” Coach Wilhite, coach of the Springboro Panthers said.

Findlay came back and scored in the second quarter while holding the Panthers scoreless. Findlay was keeping right up with the Panthers in the first half, but they pulled away in the third scoring 14 and holding the Trojans to 3.
In the fourth the Trojans outscored Springboro 9-7, but it was not enough. Springboro advances to play Dublin Coffman Friday, October 16.

This Findlay team has looked very promising with Matt Pees as head coach.

“They were well coached and the quarterback really is dangerous and certainly gives them a threat. They also played to the very end, great effort, continued to stay locked in and made things crucial down the stretch – that’s exactly the kind of game we expect to play in during the playoffs,” Coach Wilhite said.