State of the Union

The 2023 State of the Union was given on February 7 by President Joe Biden at 9 am.
President Biden congratulated the new Speaker of the House, as well as the new additions to Congress.

The State of the Union is an annual message and update on national conditions given by the President of the United States. The President picks the time and date of the State of the Union. It fulfills ArticleⅡ, Section 3, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution that states the President must periodically update Congress on the state of the nation.

The president also gave a quick update on the economy and an update on his old plan to put an Intel factory in Ohio. The plan was made to help the U.S. regain a foothold in the technology field while creating more jobs and all around boosting the national economy.

“It is constitutionally one of the president’s requirements and over time it morphed into political theater,” history teacher Mr. Hayfield said.

Possibly the two most important things that happened during the State of the Union address were when a representative from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene, shouted out and called the President a liar. This came after Biden’s remarks about how the Republicans want to take away Social Security and Medicare, a sentiment the GOP has since frantically denied.

“This state of the Union is probably the best example of uncivil discourse because what you have are the two parties basically screaming at each other,” history teacher Mr. Dickman said.

A few other spectacles continued on throughout the rest of the speech, including one instance where the new Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, had to shush his Republican colleagues.

“We are so divided that general decency is no longer a thing,” Mr. Hayfield said.

There were no new propositions or plans introduced by the president during the address. The speech consisted majorly of Biden talking about unity and understanding.

President Biden wants to make himself a potential candidate for reelection and to do this, he will need his party’s support.

“It’s always a political affair but this year was extra political,” Mr. Hayfield continued.