NBA City Jerseys

On November 10, 30 teams released their 2022-2023 NBA City Edition uniforms. This is the 6th season of having the NBA City Edition jerseys.

The top four selling jerseys this year are the Golden State Warriors’ (Stephen Curry), Boston Celtics’ (Jayson Tatum), and Phoenix Suns’ (Chris Paul). But the number one selling jersey is the LeBron James’ Lakers jersey.

Every year, Nike helps create and update the jerseys to make them more appealing to the public. The players don’t wear the City Edition jerseys for every game, but they each have 4 different jerseys to rotate between during the season.

“I think the Brooklyn Nets’ jerseys are the best because they are different from the others,” sophomore EJ Grose said. “Their font on the front is nice too.”

The NBA uses City Edition jerseys to help show the history in each of the league’s teams. This displays that each team is unique in their own ways and has its own story.

The Golden State Warriors’ City uniform this year was designed by a Bay Area artist and showcases a yellow rose in the center, representing the women that have had an impact on the game of basketball. Other color choices and design elements on the jersey include references to San Francisco culture and history.

“My favorite is the Golden State jerseys because I like the color and design,” sophomore Rylee Taylor said

Most basketball fans focus on the looks of the jerseys, and do not pay attention to the story behind each one. Nevertheless, viewers enjoy sharing their thoughts on them.

“My least favorite [are] the Miami Heat’s [jerseys] because the colors and design are ugly,” Taylor added.

Every year, NBA fans look forward to the release of City Edition jerseys because of their intriguing designs and interesting backstories. It is an exciting way to bring fans together.