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Football review


Carmen Pizana
Findlay Friday Night Lights
The Findlay High School varsity football team is on a winning streak for the season so far, with the record of 5-2. And then it will be time to say goodbye to the seniors who have worked hard this season.

CJ Reid-Tisdale is a senior at FHS that plays on the football team. He is sad that the season is about to come to an end.

“I feel sad that this is my last year playing with this team, especially with all the achievements I made in just this one season,” CJ Reid-Tisdale said.

When there is ever a bad call, or a very questionable call, Coach Adams is left wondering what was missed or if they had missed a call. He wonders how they could have done better to prevent that call or penalty being called out.

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“Watching kids invest and watching them from start to finish and seeing how much they’ve grown in that time period and just being able to provide things that they’ll never forget when they get older,” Coach Adams stated.

The FHS football team was also going through some big changes this year. With changing conferences, the need to get different types of helmets, and the never ending challenge to figure out how to play against these teams and what their plays/moves needed to be in order to beat the other teams.

“It was challenging, with some of the changes that had happened this year, but we all worked hard and still came out on top,” CJ Reid-Tisdale expressed.

Coach Adams does believe that it’s hard to see seniors go but hopes to leave a big impact on them like how football did for him in his days. But Coach Adams knows that the football team will never struggle because kids are always wanting to improve and set up their game because football is just something that they love and have passion for.

“The coaches and team had definitely left an impact on me, they taught me that if you want something you have to work hard at it to get it,” CJ Reid-Tisdale stated.

With the football season coming to an end here very soon, it is gonna be hard for the seniors and their parents, seeing them go along with a winning streak so far.

“I’m going to miss the adrenaline rush going through my body everyday before a game and me just being able to wake up and getting able to work hard at my football skills,” CJ Reid-Tisdale continued.

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