Black Friday + Cyber Monday


“Black Friday” by Mountain-Top is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday start the season of deals and obscene amounts of shopping at the beginning of the Christmas season every year. Black Friday takes place on the Friday that follows Thanksgiving, with Cyber Monday falling on the Monday after Black Friday.

The term Black Friday originates from the 1960’s as a term used by police officers to describe how chaotic the day had been. For many the kickoff of the Christmas spending season begins with Black Friday.

Many stores have marked down prices on items that would typically be on the more expensive side.

“I use the time off work to go shopping for Christmas presents,” FHS parent Sydney Ruttmann said.

Cyber Monday has taken over the Christmas shopping scene in recent years due to the massive rise of online shopping because of laziness and convenience so consumers can enjoy an endless variety of deals on virtually every online store.

“Cyber Monday is great because you can find everything online,” freshman Izaac Abdul-Zahir said.

For many people, it is a tradition to do most of their Christmas shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“Everyone in my family goes Black Friday shopping on Black Friday,” freshman Izaac Abdul-Zahir said.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great for people who want to get the best bang for their bank so to speak as many expensive things might be marked down just a little or deals can be so huge that things might be half off and before Cyber Monday when it was just Black Friday the day used to be riddled with chaos as masses overflowed stores now this chaos is limited due to being able to search for item online and finding the best deals from your couch.

Budgets are tight this year for many families going into Christmas so hopefully Black Friday and Cyber Monday will help alleviate some of that financial stress while helping supply parents and families with good presents for the people they care about.

“The economy has been stressful so I’m grateful for Black Friday and Cyber Monday so I can afford decent gifts for my family,” FHS parent Sydney Ruttmann said.