Kanye Has Lost It

Kanye West has been making headlines consistently for the past few weeks whether it be because of his recent banning off of a social media site or because of his ongoing divorce from Kim Kardashian.

As of recently Kanye has lost multiple partnerships in the past 2 weeks on top of the lawsuits he is facing. His fans have started a GoFundMe in hopes to help him gain back his billionaire status on top of that haters have started a GoFundMe titled “Make Me a Billionaire Instead” .

Recently, West escaped Twitter jail after posting an anti-semetic post to post a picture of Kyrie Irving. Kanye’s Instagram has also been suspended again only 4 days after returning.

Prior to his recent ban he posted a graphic picture of 14 year-old African American boy, Emmet Till who was lynched after being accused of offending a white woman in 1955.

West has been very vocal about his opinions on the Black Lives Matter movement. During Paris Fashion Week he wore a “White Lives Matter ” shirt with Candace Owens during his brand, Yeezy’s runway show.

Out of the kindness of his heart he decided to go down to Skid row and give the homeless some of his creations. However, West can not sell his t-shirts like he wanted to as two black men have already trademarked the phrase.

While some people put on personas on social media West does not as he makes the same comments online as in person. He has been accused of making anti-semetic comments in the workplace according to a former employee. Allegedly, he praised Nazi’s and Hitler during business meetings.

This is not the only report though, multiple former employees have come forward recently exposing West’s questionable comments.

West decided he would also like to poke fun at Shaq’s business partner Jamie Salter. On Twitter West tweeted about how there is no way for business to be 50/50 and that someone is receiving the short end of the stick.

“I got more money than you, so why would I listen to you,” Shaq replied to the original Tweet.

Not only does he claim to be mentally misdiagnosed he also claims to be starting a 30 day verbal cleanse, this means he will not speak, drink or have sex. Sadly, this cleanse does not limit tweeting and social media posting. West has openly shared he has bipolar disorder (BPD) and many have speculated some of his actions can be traced back to him not being medicated.

While this does not excuse his actions, being unmedicated could be a contributing factor to his outburst.