False Alarm Lockdown


On September 23, 2022 Findlay High School went on a level 2 lockdown for threat of school violence. The lockdown roughly lasted around an hour.

After the lockdown was lifted and students were permitted to transition to their 11 period class, FHS administration announced via Remind and Final Forms, as well as in an email from the district superintendent to teachers, that the report of violence was false and that all students and staff are safe.

Not only Findlay High School went on lockdown. Schools all around Ohio, including Millstream Career Center, were having false reports of violence reported to their local police stations and a few were even swatted as the result of this hoax

The person who reported the threat of school violence was unknown, as they called from a burner phone number to the police department.

“Speak up, share your thoughts, concerns, and feelings, talk to an adult, especially a counselor or principal if you are feeling uneasy so we can work together to figure things out,” Counselor Ursulla Jefferson said.

Students sharing their feelings regarding lockdowns is the only way that Findlay High School is able to improve on both false alarms and real lockdowns.

“Regarding safety I think we are in pretty good hands.” freshman Landon Jenkins said.

Safety is Findlay High School’s number one priority. The entirety of the staff believe that as a collective school, students and staff are extremely prepared for any lockdown and that no student is in any danger.

If students feel that they are in any type of danger, they should communicate to the counselors, security, principals, and any other trusted adult to talk about their worries. Students should also tell their concerns to staff so they can make improvements during our lockdown procedures.

“I believe that Findlay Highschool is a safe place,” sophomore Noah Steffensen said.