Volley for the Cure

Monday, October 3, marks the annual Volley For The Cure fundraiser, curated by Findlay High School’s volleyball teams and coaches. Volley For The Cure is an event created to promote breast cancer awareness, while simultaneously raising money for the same cause.

“We do a lot to gather support for Volley for the Cure,” FHS varsity player Erin Caton said. “We make posters, sell shirts, and do a bake sale. This year, Findlay Brewing Company also helped out and did Burgers for a Cure, where they gave some of the money they made from that day to Volley for the Cure.”

With the event being created to support breast cancer awareness, the game has been declared a “pink out”, where attendees are encouraged to deck themselves head-to-toe in pink garb. In preparation for the game, volleyball players from the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity teams have been selling pink t-shirts throughout the school day in an aim to fill the stands with a sea of pink.

“My favorite part about this event is seeing everyone supporting the cause,” Caton explained. “We had the biggest crowd we have ever had by far during that game and we sold almost everything at our bake sale, so it really makes me happy that people want to come and support this cause”

Money collected from shirt sales is all donated to the supported cause, as well as any donation given from those coming to the game. Students and parents are also encouraged to purchase paper volleyballs to write the names of any loved ones affected by breast cancer on. Both shirt and paper volleyball sales are an amazing effort to support the overarching cause behind the Volley For The Cure event.

“This event is special to me because I know quite a few family friends who have had breast cancer, so I really feel like I am playing for them when we do Volley for the Cure,” Caton said.

Volley For The Cure is an amazing event, with an amazing purpose. Students, players, parents, and all attendees can enjoy the game and all the festivities it holds, while promoting and supporting the awareness of breast cancer in one of the best ways.