College Testing Season is Coming Fast: Here’s what you need to know.

The time of year to begin taking college admissions tests such as the ACT and SAT is coming and these dates for testing can be hard to locate for FHS students. The content of the tests can also be unknown.

The ACT is a test that is used for college admissions.

“It’s ok to take the test more than once. I took it twice to see if I could get a better score,” Mrs. Stennett, a teacher from Findlay High School says

The ACT tests cover four main skill areas which are; english, math, reading, and science. The test is four hours long and it usually starts at 8:30 or 9:00 a.m.

Each portion of the test takes a different amount of time. English is allotted 45 minutes, math 60, and both science and reading have 35.

To take the ACT outside of the free testing date offered by FHS, students must pay $60 and register to take the test. Additional fees are required if a student is registering late or changing their test to include the writing portion. The initial fees for the ACT tests for the writing portion is $60 but if students want the non-writing test,then that would be $85.

When students cannot afford fees for ACT testing, they may be able to get a waiver. The waivers only cover the basic fees which are registration fees and a late fee for additional test dates.

“…treat the ACT the same way you would treat the SAT,” Jill Smith says.

The SAT is another college acceptance exam that covers reading, language, writing and math.
The registration fee is $60 and late registration fees are $25..

”…these tests can decide your future so look forward to the college you want to get into,” Nate Johnson says.

The SAT option is limited if it is not being taken for main purposes. The test options include writing, reading and math. It does not include a science section. The SAT test is available to be taken at a highschool, college, or university.

“…relax, take your time and don’t second guess yourself,” Ray Stasko from Cleveland says.

Students at Findlay can take the tests for free. The ACT/SAT will typically be on a Saturday. If students have questions they can ask their counselor or go to the Findlay High School website.