Updated College football playoff format

On September 2nd, the College Football board of committee announced that the college football playoff format would be changed for the first time ever.

The announcement of this would put the playoff from 4 teams. Now to 12 teams with the top 4 teams not having to play the first round and get that advantage. This may relieve some stress for some teams because dropping 1 game may still keep them in.

“As originally proposed, the 12-team playoff creates more access for teams and conferences across the country to compete in college football’s championship event. There is work to be done to make this format a reality, but I am pleased we are all moving in the same direction with a common purpose.” The SEC Commissioner says (via ESPN).

With the 12 teams, some say that having teams in the MAC, Sunbelt, or ACC may not even have a chance against bigger teams.

“Some of the top 12 teams from last year wouldn’t have stood a chance against a team like Michigan. Teams like Cincinatti who all year didn’t play any good teams, also teams such as a byu or a Utah would have gotten blown out.” Sophomore Athens Dysinger said.

Going from some of the possible downs. There are also some ups and that is a chance to be able to watch more college football from your house. But some may wonder what that schedule looks like?

“The first set of games would start the second or third week in December. With that being 12 days between the conference championships and the playoffs. Then with the normal new year eve games to decide who goes to the college football national game,” ESPN says.

This will be nice to have tons of college football games during the month of December. But how would teams be seeded for the playoffs they wonder

According to ESPN “The top 6 teams will all be conference champions then the last 6 will be determined by being an at-large team. More than likely meaning the 2nd place team from the conference bowl”

With all of these changes being implemented this year. What do you people think who are reading this? Good or bad?