College football week 1 recap

This weekend was the first official weekend of the college football season and there were many exciting games. Games that went last minute nail biters, to upsets over top dogs. This week was exciting of many more

Some of this weekends games included home favorites like #2 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes versus #5 Notre Dame and Florida State versus LSU.



“They all count the same,” Coach Ryan Day reports. “And you have to figure out based on who you’re going against, how do you want to win that game? When you have that versatility, man, it’s going to pay off down the road.”
While people may say that the game was not close, it was not until the third quarter when Ohio State down 3 late got the go ahead touchdown from the newcomer Xavier Johnston. Xavier’s first career touchdown in an Ohio State uniform.
“Was going pretty worried there about the late 3rd quarter but they pulled out just in time”. . Long time Ohio State supporter Steven Fitzgerald explained. “Glad that they were able to come out with a win but for a team of this caliber it shouldn’t have been as close. A lot of mistakes to fix but I believe in them always.”
LSU- 23
As LSU marched down the field and scored with zero seconds on the clock after a ruling of a player inbound, LSU was getting ready to go into overtime before Florida blocked a game winning field goal.
“Daniels spent much of the game running from trouble, and the Tigers didn’t bother trying to establish a run game,” USA Today reports. “LSU’s vaunted defensive line looked pedestrian compared to FSU’s relentless pass rush. Bad snaps from new center Garrett Dellinger interrupted drives”
LSU’s notable problems were the special teams allowing two blocked PAT’s including the game winner on Saturday vs Florida state. This game was devastation for Coach Kelly’s first game
#7 UTAH 26
This game went back and forth but late into the game, a chance for Utah to score turned into a Florida interception that sealed the deal. This now puts Utah in a little bit of a deficit they drop to 13th now and Florida moves to 12
Neither Utah team came out with a win this week. Alabama went into Saturday with Nick Saban’s 14th season there and returning star Bryce Young Alabama easily crushed Utah state and Nick Saban’s era continues to roll the competition.
#2 Georgia Bulldogs 49
Oregon Ducks 3
This was a very highly anticipated game but very little fight out of the ducks. It was already 28-3 at the half and by then it was already over. The Ducks offensive couldn’t find anything and needed help with their offense.