COVID Vaccine Approved for Toddlers


“Syringe and Vaccine” by NIAID is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The COVID vaccine was made after COVID had killed a lot of people. There was a race to make it to save the death rates. The first companies that made the vaccine were Pfizer and Moderna.

The first group given vaccines were older adults and teenagers, majoritively those above the age of 16. Recently, the vaccines were allowed to be given to those 12 and older. The first group given vaccines were older adults and teenagers, those over the age of 12. After this, Pzier began producing vaccines for ages 7 to 11.

Now, the question is; what company is going to make the vaccine for toddlers and babies? Pfizer has supposedly figured it out and they are now testing the vaccine on toddlers and babies up to six months old.

What do some Findlay High School students think about this?

One student thinks that it is good that they are finally testing on toddlers.

“I think that it can be good to find ways to make sure kids don’t get sick, but it could also be dangerous because they are so young and we don’t know the side effects,” sophomore Ella Nelson states.

She goes on to state “it can be so dangerous we don’t know the exact effect that it will have on them and it could seriously harm them if it goes wrong.”

Another student thinks the same thing about testing toddler vaccines and hopes that they don’t keep on trying to use the same dose.

“I think that it is really good if the testing goes right but if they go bad I hope that they don’t keep trying to use that dose.” sophomore Molly Wilkinson.

Molly also went on to say, “If we get this vaccination for toddlers it would end the virus early and more kids could survive.”

One thinks that it is good that Pfizer is testing vaccines for toddlers and babies.

“Being vaccinated, I think is a good thing, however I just hope those toddlers don’t get injured or overdosed, but it is a good thing and I trust the scientist.” stated freshmen Paige Ouwenga.

She went on to say ¨The scientist have been trained for so many years, however COVID is new so I don´t know how successful they will be.¨