Student Scheduling Basics

Need a rundown of Scheduling? We’ve got you!

The scheduling process for the 2022-23 school year has begun, and that means eighth through eleventh graders are all burdened with the question, “what classes should I take next year.”

The scheduling process can seem overwhelming and extensive, but there are a few key things to note, these will make scheduling less stressful and keep the process simple.

“As a senior I think scheduling was always somewhat confusing, especially as an underclassman. Since then though, I’ve realized the process is actually really simple.” Senior, Sydney Eynon said.

Dates are extremely important, one of the easiest ways to find these is grabbing a copy of the scheduling dates from the main office.

“The scheduling dates can get confusing, teacher talk day has already passed though and most teachers should have already told you about your options for next year. The thing I’ve learned is that it is fairly easy to switch your classes if you decide you would rather be taking something else.” Eynon says.

The next thing to note is the difficulty of the class you are taking. Typically honors will be the most difficult followed by a mid-level CP class and finally a basic level class.

“Well I already mentioned that you can change your classes, but when it comes to core classes, remember it is easier to move to a lower level class than switch to a higher level class.” Sydney says.

In addition to Honors, CP, and basic classes, FHS also offers AP and CCP classes in select areas. AP is a high-intensity, fast paced class, and the AP program is nationally recognized as a rigorous program, not to mention you could receive college credit by taking this class.

“AP classes are pretty challenging, I know a lot of really smart people who had to put in a lot of work in order to do well in their AP classes, including myself. But it’s also really really good to have that experience being forced to study and being faced with a challenging class, for people who don’t really have to try to do well in school, I recommend AP classes to give them a challenge and actually force yourself to develop good study habits. Ap classes are great college prep but they’re definitely difficult.” Sydney, a senior, says.

CCP on the other hand is a way of taking college classes as a high school student, typically these classes are not as difficult as an AP class, but certain colleges still accept CCP as a form of earning college credit. These classes can be taken online, at FHS, or in-person at the college, regardless of where the class is taken, it will be overseen by a college and the content will be that of the college curriculum.

“I personally love CCP classes, especially online ones, you can get out of school as a junior or senior to take your online class, which is nice. The hardest part is that for online classes and classes you take at a college campus you have to be super disciplined because you aren’t seeing teachers and being reminded about your work everyday. It’s basically just on your own but it is a really good opportunity to learn discipline, which is a life skill you’ll need in the future.” Eynon says.

If you still aren’t sure what classes to take, the easiest way to get a summary of any class is to look at the course selection guide on the FHS website.

“Whenever I needed info it was all available on the FHS website, there’s information about graduation requirements, a course selection guide, dates, and your counselor’s contact information just in case you still have questions.” Eynon says.

Of course graduation is a frequent topic of conversation when discussing scheduling. Specific course graduation requirements are available online but everyone must have a total of 21 credits to graduate.

“Graduation requirements are definitely not something you should worry about, I recommend getting things like your tech credit and communications credit done as an underclassmen. Also just be sure to keep in mind how many credits the class you’re taking is worth, the more the better. It’s easy to get stressed by how many credits you need to graduate but just stay in contact with your counselors to see what credits you still need.” Sydney Eynon says.

Through scheduling these are some of the most important things to keep in mind. Blue & Gold wishes you all the best of luck while completing this process.