Steph Curry breaks all time 3-point record

On December 14th versus the New York Knicks, Steph Curry passed Ray Allen’s historic all-time record of 2,973 3-pointers. Curry made two 3-pointers minutes into the first quarter, passed Allen’s record, and triggered an internet saga of unconditional praise.

Curry’s now 3,010 3-pointers is beyond impressive, but his journey there is legendary. It took him 789 games to set the current record. Ray Allen spent his whole career, 1,300 games, setting his record. Allen is considered one of the greats…what does this achievement mean for Curry?

“He has revolutionized the way the game is played and continues to leave fans in awe with his amazing artistry and extraordinary shooting ability,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver said. “We congratulate him on this historic achievement.”

Ray Allen gained much attention because of Curry passing his record. While under intense media pressure, Allen was offered tough comparisons.

“When we talk about who we think the greatest of all times is, when you’re talking about, whatever, quarterbacks to the best basketball players, I think it’s important to understand we all have a different perspective,” Allen said.

Even since Ray Allen’s retirement in 2014, the NBA has completely changed. The way that the pros play has completely shifted. However, much of this change was because of Steph Curry. His deep three’s and high field goal percentage has influenced the whole league ever since he was drafted in 2009.

“He’s changed the game to where these kids now … consistently shoot way, way behind the 3-point line,” Dirk Nowitski said. “We have guys now pulling up just after half court, and they’re open and they’re letting it go — stuff that you would have never seen when I started to play. He makes it look too easy. He’s the best shooter I’ve ever seen.”

Aside from making history, Curry is laser focused on the Golden State Warriors having a successful season. Fellow All-Star Klay Thompson has been out with an injury and many other teammates have faced COVID-19 struggles. Yet it was hard for him to focus on the Warriors when something so valuable was on the line.

“It seemed like every shot I took, there was another level of anticipation and anxiousness around it,” Steph Curry said. “Last night [at Indiana] and tonight, I was trying to just play my game. I’m shooting a lot of threes, but I was trying to let it come to me, especially with how defenses are guarding me. Tonight, it kind of set up perfectly. I made that first one to get it out of the way and let that record-breaker come to me.”

Curry is guiding the Warriors into an impressive season, currently leading the Western Conference. His number of 3-pointers continues to rise and there is no end in sight for the 33-year-old legend.