Canelo Alvarez – Caleb Plant

Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant fought for 5 belts, WBO (World Boxing Organization), WBC (World Boxing Confederation), WBA (World Boxing Association), IBF (International Boxing Federation), and Ring Magazine titles. Canelo won the fight due to KO, on November 6th against Plant and is now the undisputed champion with 5 belts.

Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant fought it out until the 11th round when Canelo Alvarez KO’d him. This made Canelo Alvarez the undisputed champion. This makes a lot of more questions pop up: Who can defeat Canelo, who is next for Canelo, and where is he heading or has he completed everything he can in boxing?

“I think Canelo should rest for a few months but finish his trilogy fight with GGG. Everyone including me, wants to see a 3rd and decisive fight on who is truly the best boxer at the middleweight division” Boxing coach, Isaiah Romero, stated.

Canelo put on a spectacular performance against Caleb Plant while Caleb showed he had heart fighting one of the greatest.

“Looked like his speed knots were on full display” Wrestling coach and salon owner, Ryan Pratt, said.

Has Canelo proved that he is one of the greatest Mexican fighters or does he still have more to come. People have asked and wondered, should Canelo move up in weight again?

“Canelo seems comfortable and more on point then he ever was when he was lighter, but he should not move up in weight especially when he is dominating at this weight right now” Boxing coach, Isaiah Romero, stated.
Canelo has shown to the world a lot in his last two fights and especially this one. The next time Canelo fights is when he will have to prove why he really belongs with the all time greats.