Juvenile court moving to mall location

Two weeks ago, it was announced that Findlay’s juvenile court is yet to move into the Findlay Village Mall.

The juvenile court will be taking up the space of where JCPenny used to be located, and vacant stores will be used as county offices. Moving the juvenile court to the Findlay Village Mall will save the county millions of dollars.

As the juvenile court is moving in, the mall is not moving out. The mall will continue to operate while the juvenile court is placed in the space.

“The mall might lose business with the court being there,” says freshman Hannah Sandusky.

The original idea was to place the juvenile court in the downtown Findlay parking lot. To make this new court, it would have cost $10 million, therefore saving a lot of money moving into the old JCPenny.

“I hope the mall doesn’t close because of the new change. I liked the mall,” says freshman Summer Gonyer.

Moving into the mall will only cost around $3.7 million dollars. County commissioners mention how with the new juvenile court moving into the mall that it could attract other businesses to move into more of the mall’s various vacant stores.