Getting the Vaccine: A Student Perspective

Getting the vaccine is an important part in getting us all back to normal. The vaccine in Ohio is available to all people age 16 and up. Vaccines can be received at a local pharmacy or the hospital.

Once you schedule your appointment, they give you a time to come in. When you arrive at the hospital, you have to go talk to a person at a desk where they check your ID and write down some personal information. They give you a sheet of paper that contains all the information that the people at another desk need to know.

You get in line to talk to the people at another desk. They take the paper that the previous person gave you. You will receive an appointment card for your second dose if you are receiving the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.

The people at the desk instruct you to go into an auditorium sized room. You are directed to one of the corners of the room, where you receive the vaccine.

Once you receive the vaccine, you must find a chair and sit down for 15 minutes. This is required to see if your body has any reaction to the vaccine.

When the 15 minutes is up you´re free to go. Repeat the same process on your second appointment when you receive the second dose.