NASA’s new flight director

One of the first things Biden has done is nominate Bill Nelson ( former Florida senator) to lead Nasa, According to the White house announcement on Friday, March 19th.

Bill Nelson’s claim to Space fame was before he became a senator he interrupted his elected official career to work as a payload specialist on the 6 day flight of the space shuttle Columbia in 1986.

Jen psaki said ¨ In the Senate he was known as the go-to Senator for our nation’s space program, most every space and science law had his imprint.¨

This shows that Biden has made a very wise decision to nominate this man to be our new leader of our country’s space agency. Now lets see if the senate will approve this nomination and put Bill Nelson in charge.

Administrator Jurczyk said¨ Bill has a proven history with supporting our work here at NASA, and has helped advance America’s position in human exploration, science, aeronautics, and technology.¨

As the acting administrator Jurczyk has just given Bill Nelson a big old thumbs up in his race to get approved by the senate and the more people that give him this make Bill look more and more like the man we want running our nation’s greatest space agencies.

Nelson took aim at Donald Trump’s nominee Jim Bridenstine, Nelson said ¨ Jim Bridenstine is not qualified to be the administrator because of his political ties¨ he also said ¨ Nasa is not political, the leader should not be political, the leader should not be bipartisan, the leader should be nonpartisan.¨
But this also contradict his push for him to be the administrator because he is a democratic former senator of florida so he is technically political. Thus the Nasa leader would be political.