COVID impact on spring break

Spring break is typically one of the most anticipated times of the year for students including those at FHS. Findlay City Schools’s spring break is from Thursday April 1 until Monday April 5. This year’s spring break will be different from many previous years’ spring breaks.

“We usually go see family over spring break but they won’t let us come this year because of COVID” sophomore Avery Stults said.

Stults explains that spring break has been a time to go visit parts of her family in other states who she usually does not get to see often. Due to many of the COVID restrictions, her family has decided to take precautions and stay home during the break.

“I think that we are taking a day trip or whatever you want to call it to like Toledo or close cities like that” Stults revealed.

As a result of COVID, her plans with close family members are very different from past years for spring break.

“It really sucks that the pandemic is impacting yet another spring break, at least of mine” junior Rachel Fark said.

The start of lockdowns due to COVID began around spring break of last year. These lockdowns had impacts on spring breaks of some students last year causing a COVID impact two years in a row. One of these students being Fark.

“We were supposed to go to California to see some people there last year. The lockdowns and restrictions beginning really scared us,” Fark continued, “My family decided to not go in order to keep us safer.”

Despite her first spring break being ruined, Fark was unaware that her next spring break would also be affected by COVID.

“My family hadn’t planned any big spring break trip because we weren’t oblivious to the fact that it most likely would not happen” Fark said.

Even without the similar disappointment factor of a COVID impacted spring break as the previous year, she still is upset about what her spring break this year will look like.

“You know, I will be at home with my parents and sister for spring break 2021 but, it’s okay because we are safe” Rachel Fark ended.

While a multitude of students have huge impacts on their spring breaks, many have little to no impact on theirs’.

“My family has never really done anything with spring break or breaks in general” sophomore Eric Opara said.

The impact on breaks like those of Opara’s is very slim because of preceding lack of plans.

The world is no stranger to the everlasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic including the upcoming impact on spring break.

“I am fine with various breaks being canceled and different from usual as long as people are staying safe and healthy” Rachel Fark remarked.