State Testing

Last year students lucked out by not having to take state mandated testing due to COVID-19. However as of right now, federal and state mandated testing is still being required.

“Last year it wasn’t required because of covid and the different learning models districts had going on, the state decided to forego testing last year and what they allowed us to do was use grade replacement” Associate Principal, Mr. Alverado says.

As of right now all state testing must be held in person, sometime between March 22 and May 7.

“I think [testing is being held online] probably because they want some accountability there. I imagine the state would probably want a school official there, so probably to be accountable” says Mr. Alvarado.

There are very few changes to state testing, even though there have been many changes to this school year. This leaves people questioning the reasoning behind holding mandated testing this year.

“I think the main reason [people are questioning this decision] is because of the inconsistencies over the years, graduation requirements have changed over the years, and you throw covid on top of that with all the learning modules, that just brings up all these inconsistencies” Mr. Alvarado says.

Many people believe that testing should not be required this year.

“Right now there is legislation down in Columbus that is waiting for the governor’s signature for us to again use grade replacement for juniors and seniors. So I mean that tells me that everybody is concerned about the outcome, the results of these high stake tests” Mr. Alvarado says.

Yet others still believe testing is necessary.

“The question really is how well did we teach the different state standards given the fact that all different learning styles we’ve had, is the whole covid situation gonna affect those test scores? Oh absolutely, what effect is that? We’re gonna have to wait and see” Mr. Alvarado says