Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Interview

Oprah did an interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. In this interview, they discussed the corruptness of the palace. A lot was revealed that is usually kept secret.

The relationship between the couple and the palace wasn’t healthy. Meghan says that being a royal made her suicidal. The palace was corrupt and abusive, and wouldn’t treat Meghan’s needs.

Meghan claimed that she ¨didn’t want to be alive anymore,¨ and the palace wouldn’t give her medical attention. This shows that the palace doesn’t care about her well being, and there’s no real reason for her to stick around. They ended up leaving and moving to Santa Barbara, California.

Meghan and Harry bought a $14,650,000 mansion. They moved into the Santa Barbara area because they won’t get too much attention here. Santa Barbara is about 90 minutes north of Los Angelos.

Prince Harry says he stepped away from the royal family because there was a toxic situation occurring. The toxic situation was created by the press in the United Kingdom, mixing up stories. This toxic situation was destroying his mental health and ruining relationships.

He says he ¨did what any husband or father would do.¨ This decision will be beneficial to his family in the long run and it was the smart thing to do.

By removing themselves from this situation, they were able to exploit the corruptness of this kingdom. Without the Oprah interview, the inside scoop of the palace would be unknown.