NHL Midseason Update

With the NHL having a short season, we are already midway through the season. The NHL has had many complaints, but also many people like the short season. The National Hockey League has had much controversy around the commissioner, Gary Bettman, but this season has caused even more of a stirrup around his name.

The NHL is already aware of Bettman’s effort to try to shorten the season, even without Covid-19, many people are worried about the season going to be shorter in the future years. The fans of the National Hockey League have all mostly agreed that they do not want that.

“To be honest I would be pretty upset if the NHL shortened their season, I like the way the league is set up right now, 82 games is just enough in my opinion,” said Sophomore Mason Greenawalt.

“Although the NHL has controversy right now, it doesn’t make the play any worse. I still am always excited to watch games, just as I would be with a normal season. But sometimes there are plenty of downsides, including quarantine. This year has also been a very big year for injuries,” said Freshman Kaleb Haubert.

The NHL 2021 season has been exciting for most people, with many games going into overtime and shootouts. The Central Division leader is The Tampa Bay Lightning, East Division is The Washington Capitals, West Division Leader is The Vegas Golden Knights, and finally, The North Division leader is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Not only has there been Drama around the league of play, but even in the players lives. The NHL has seen more than usual amount of injuries, surgeries, and even problems with players. Much controversy currently is coming from Artemi Panarin from the New York Rangers. He has left the NHL for a moment to figure out some legal problems with assault allegations. Although there are mixed feelings about Panarin and the allegation, he claims he has “nothing to hide.”

We are only midway through the season and we have had lots of controversy around the league, now teams and players must finish the second half of the 2021 NHL season.