NY Governor Cuomo’s scandals

New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, has been under fire these past weeks with multiple sexual harassment allegations, mostly from current or former state employees.

Gov. Cuomo is 63 years old and is the 56th governor of New York and has been in office since 2011. His father, Mario Cuomo was also the governor for three terms.

Recently, Cuomo has had seven women come out and accuse him of sexual harassment. All of the cases have been fairly recent. He is also under fire about the Coronavirus death count, especially in nursing homes, where officials say he covered some of the deaths up to make them look better.

After much political and public pressure, Cuomo’s office called for the state attorney general to open an outside investigation into the sexual harassment claims. The attorney general named two outside lawyers to lead the inquiry.

So far, all of the women that have came forward have not accused him of sexual assault, but it was sexual harassment. The victims are saying that Cuomo either made gross remarks or jokes about their bodies, kept hinting the victims to do sexual things with him.

One victim claimed that Cuomo said he would “mount her like a dog.” At the time, she just shrugged it off but now she thinks that he needs to be held accountable.

Both Republicans and democrats are starting to call for him to resign. Most of New York’s congressional delegation also want him to resign. Cuomo stays adamant on not resigning and saying that the only way to get him out of office is to impeach him.