World War 2 Bomb Found

On Friday, February 26, 2021 something very dangerous was discovered and 300 to 1400 students evacuated from a university in Exeter, England.This left many people unable to return to their homes and many students wondering if they will be able to finish their education.

The bomb that was dug up in exeter england was a 2200lb WW2 bomb that was left undetonated for the past 76 years. After it was discovered the detonation time was set for 6:00 pm Saturday night and when it was detonated you could hear it from 400m away. During WW2 Exeter was heavily attacked by german bombers that did 19 raids and dropped over 7,000 devices.

Maj. Chris Hunter, a former British Army Bomb Disposal Officer, said in a interview with BBC ¨ They tried to migrate the blast the best they could, I don’t know if i would have done anything differently.¨

Exeter did everything they could to make sure everyone was out of the danger zone and to make sure that everyone was safe. Coming from a man that has trained for this line of work this must mean that Exeter is safe from the threat of explosion.

Structural Engineer Matthew Cridge said in an interview with BBC ¨ The explosion left a crater so large that you could park three double decker busses in it.¨

If that bomb had not been found and it detonated then there would have been a lot of casualties.There would have been a lot of students never being able to see their families again.