Should TikTok Be Banned?

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The reason I think TikTok should not be banned is because it is one of the worlds most used social media sites and if we ban this site then over 800 million people will not be able to express themselves on the internet as freely as they are now.

Another reason why I think this is because there have been plenty of other short-form video apps and not one of them have been almost banned. The reason that TikTok has been put under the spotlight is because trump said it imposed a security risk for the U.S and mandated a ban on all transactions with the company as of September 27. Trump later clarified that TikTok would face a total ban if it did not sell itself to a U.S. company by November 14, 2020.

India, Pakistan, and Australia have all been confirmed to have banned TikTok since June of 2020. Pakistan has since reversed its ban ten days after they set the ban in motion.

TikTok was bought by the U.S. company named Oracle with a 12.5 percent stake and Walmart has put 7.5 percent stake in the tiktok production. Now that TikTok has been bought by an American company Trump has since calmed but he and his corporation are still having a big part in trying to get the app banned.

TikTok has since sued Trump corporation for stopping their creators from earning a living.The judge ruled in favor of TikTok and the ban of the app and the block af the download has been halted. Ambinka Kumar Doran,

The lead attorney on the case, said ¨ We are pleased that the judge has halted this ban, which proceeds the authority of the president under the International emergency economic powers act¨ according to an email sent to the Verge.