Should teachers help students register to vote?

Many people are eligible to vote but can not because they are not registered. Maybe because they do not know how to go through the process or because they do not care.A solution to the problem may be teachers helping students over the age of 18 register to vote.

Voting is an important part of how this nation operates, and without the voting process, our government, and by extension our nation, just could not function. Statistics vary but according to the U.S. Census Bureau, those who are registered to vote are only about 65% of eligible voters which means roughly 35% of eligible voters are not registered to vote and thus can not.

“I believe that voting is both a privilege and a right, everyone eligible to vote should vote,” English teacher Mrs. Williams said.

Though many see valid reasons as to why teachers helping students register to vote could be a bad idea because some people think that teachers will subconsciously grade 18 year old students based on their political leanings.

“Teachers should never try to influence a student’s choice of candidates or policies on the ballot.Teachers are in the business of teaching students how to think, not what to think,” Mrs. Williams said.

Most people do agree that voting is important enough to be talked about at school, as well as the registration process and trying to enforce the fact it is a civic duty among the citizens of the U.S. but not all agree that teachers should necessarily help students register to vote

“I think teachers should help students […] because voting is a good practice and we need more voters anyway,” sophomore Zachary Adkins said.

Some people understand the very valid points of both arguments and are torn on if teachers should bring simple forms to help further our country.

“One con I could see are teachers trying to persuade students voting habits,” sophomore Zachary Adkins said.