Best Holiday Pies


“Apple Pie II, BYOB Day Five” by Claricethebakergardener is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

When looking for holiday pies to sweeten up this holiday season, it might be frustrating because there are just so many. With Christmas around the corner, many families are looking for the perfect pie to share with their loved ones for this holiday season. “Apple pie is the one and only best pie in existence,” freshman Robert Palmer said. Originating in ancient Egypt and Greece, pies have been a staple in homes for the holidays since the 5 Century B.C. Although “artocreas” was a savory pie with meat in an open pastry shell, the ancient Greeks did consume it. Possibly the first people to make a pie with a top and bottom crust were the Romans. Pie quickly became an American favorite and for many, it is now a staple and yearly tradition at their holiday feasts.
“Strawberry rhubarb is my one of my favorites because the strawberry is sweet and the rhubarb is tangy,” junior Addison Miller said There is a lot of talk on what pie is the best. To spice up this year people suggest you are guaranteed to be satisfied with Strawberry Rhubarb and Apple. From Germany and the United Kingdom in the 1600s Strawberry rhubarb pie is a unique sweet treat. Apple pie originating from England in 1381 is a staple in holiday dishes for Americans.
“In my honest opinion, pies aren’t the best treat for the holidays other than thanksgiving. There are so many other sweet pastries out there” freshman Ewan Hertenstein said. There are alot of different pies around the world. From sweet to savory, pies have been in family traditions since the 13 century and are not going anywhere anytime soon. So when looking for a pie, do not stress, any pie would be a great fit into a meal this holiday season.