COVID Impact on Local Restaurants

Since COVID has hit it has spread throughout the entire world and has affected all of us ,ohio is one of the places it has hit and we are getting hit hard.

Governor Dewine has made it so all Ohioans have to be wearing a make at all times and that goes for men, women, and children.As this piece is mainly going to be about Findlay Ohio, I just have to say that Findlay is not the only city that COVID has impacted. SInce COVID has drastically hit local businesses they have been getting hit the most since they may not get as much foot traffic as they used to since many people want to stay indoors and not risk the exposure.

Kelly Newman Jac & do’s manager said ¨ The hardest thing about all of this is that we have been trying to make sure all of our worker and customers are safe.We keep getting turned in by the health department for not wearing mask inside the shop but when you’re working with 500 degree fahrenheit ovens it’s really not safe for the health of our workers so this COVID stuff has to end so our business can go back to normal¨

The one thing that a good business can do is maintain the health and safety of their workers and customers. That is why Jac and Do´s has been a staple in findlay since the late 1960s so we know they have to be doing something right.

The manager from Millers Meats said ¨ that the covid virus hasn´t really affected us but our sales have gone down a small bit but nothing major, their have been times when it gets hard but nothing like really detrimental we are still serving our best¨

Most businesses are still going strong and still will sell you their great items every day. This COVID stuff maybe here a little longer but these businesses will be in our hearts forever.
This is why the COVID virus is not as a big deal as everyone is making it seem like . Your favorite businesses will still be there when all this is over and if they aren’t then they will be in our hearts for the rest of our lives.