Scholarships, Scholarships, Scholarships


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The time for the class of 2023 to begin applying for scholarships has come. Applying for scholarships can be difficult with or without someone helping with the process. The counselors at Findlay High School consistently try to aid their students in this process.

The primary way FHS students can find scholarships is by looking at the list of scholarships and deadlines attached to brag sheets. The brag sheet can be found outside of the counseling office, as well as on the FHS website under Counseling and Academics.

“The website with scholarships sent to FHS is constantly updated with deadlines and new information to help students,” interim counselor Mrs. Burget said. “On the website, there are a lot of renewable scholarships that are sent to us each year as well as new scholarships.”

Through visiting the FHS website, a link to a Google sheet is able to be viewed which consists of many links to scholarships.

“We expect that the Community Foundation will send out their scholarships,” Burget said.

Since the Community Foundation is a local organization, Burget remarks that the scholarships may be easier to obtain because there are less students applying and competing for such scholarships.

Outside of school, resources can easily be found on websites such as Niche that can help provide scholarships as well as a guided application process. Through making an account on Niche, students can provide information about the colleges they plan to attend and their interests. Scholarships can be matched to the student to ensure that the scholarships being applied for match the student.

Other popular scholarship websites include, The College Board, Unigo and FastWeb. Counselors at FHS can also provide more information.

“Colleges do offer their own scholarships. You just need to meet their criteria,” Burget explained.

Furthermore, student’s employers or their parent’s employers may offer scholarships as well as churches or other organizations in the community.

For many students, scholarships can be the difference between whether or not they end up attending college due to their financial situation.

“Whether you’re paying or your parents are paying, anything you can do to defray the cost will be helpful,” Burget continued.

College can be expensive and applying for as many scholarships as possible can ease that expense.

“Just apply for every scholarship you’re eligible for because the more you apply for, the better your chances of getting some of the scholarship money that is out there,” Burget concluded.