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Affordable gifts

The holiday season is a very stressful time of the year. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, many people stress over what to do for the holidays and for what they should get gift wise for the people they care for.

So what are some affordable gifts that can be bought for loved ones? As much as some people say socks are a bad Christmas gift, they can be put high up on the list. Holiday socks can be found in almost any store during the holiday season and they are easy to afford. Holiday socks can be a comical and entertaining white elephant gift for years to come within the family.

“One of my favorite things to get for the holidays is coffee like the little K-Cups so I can make coffee before school, candles because candles makes everything smell better in my room or around the house and anything Grinch themed I love the Grinch movies and I love getting things that are Grinch themed,” sophomore Madison Schumaker stated.

Another gift that could be added to this list is winter jackets and coats. Many people complain during the winter months about how cold it is because they do not have heavy winter jackets. Jackets are easy gifts to get for people because they can be below 30 dollars at certain stores such as Walmart.

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“Honestly I feel like the best thing you could do to get a gift for someone for the holidays is instead of buying something you don’t know if they’ll like, is give them money,” sophomore Emma Thompson stated. “I think money for christmas is an amazing gift because then I can go out and get whatever I wanted instead of feeling bad for returning a gift I didn’t like that someone bought for me.”

As the holiday season approaches more and more people start to get presents for the people they love for the holidays. After Thanksgiving on Black Friday and Cyber Monday due people tend to get more for loved ones and friends due to the sales.

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