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Daylight savings

For years people have argued about daylight savings time and say it is not even relevant to anyone anymore and it should be stopped for good.

On March 19, 1918 President Woodrow Willson signed a Standard Time Act which gave the government the authority to have five different time zones around America. It was established to conserve energy during World War One and as a way for farmers to work longer on the farm because farmers had to work from sunup to sundown.

Doctors at the American Academy of Sleep (AASM) say that changing the time messes with health and is not good for the body mentally or physically and increases chances of having a car accident and cardiovascular conditions.

“I think it can be confusing to people, in the fall it’s dark so very early, I don’t see how it’s possible to save energy when it’s dark and we are using more electricity, in the summer the days are much longer causing people to get less sleep,” sophomore Phoebe Alberchet said.

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Even though most of America participated in this, there are some states that did not want to and thought it was unnecessary. Since Arizona is more hot and has a lot more sunshine, the state does not participate. Hawaii also does not participate in it either because of the location of the state in relation to the equator and the sunshine as well.

Tons of airlines complained about daylight savings time, as they say it confuses other countries that do not participate in it. Airlines also complained about all of the money being spent on planes for the amount of fuel and electricity to be able to run and have lights on the plane for when it gets darker earlier.

A lot of people also want it to stop because they want it to be light when their kids go to school. People were concerned about the safety of their kids and other kids as well. Parents wanted others to be able to see their kids while walking to school.

On March 15, 2022 the U.S Senate approved a bill that would make daylight savings time permanently stop as of November 20, 2023 if approved by the House of Representatives and then signed into law by President Joe Biden. Most people liked the idea a lot and wanted to go through with it.

“I think it should stop, there’s literally no use for it anymore and it’s pointless, I don’t see why we had still really continued it,” sophomore Phoebe Albrechet continued.

This bill did not pass though, and until further notice, daylight savings will continue.

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